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Improve your personal effectiveness and productivity by applying methods for coaching and developing employees and future leaders while establishing teams with trust and accountability that achieve results.


Delivered in person, each session is highly relevant to supervisors and managers in any industry. Also available: one-on-one coaching sessions. Topics include best practices and resources:

  • To assess employee behaviors and lead cohesive teams

  • To achieve success through performance expectations and employee engagement

  • To fulfill your organization's strategy, mission, vision and values

  • To consistently satisfy and delight customers

  • To proactively, successfully address Human Resource issues

  • For open, transparent, effective communication

  • For training and competency

  • For coaching, employee development, and achieving goals

  • For success with processes and procedures

  • For getting results from organizational structure

  • For leading meetings, influencing others and making decisions

  • For effective time management

Plus special sessions on management approaches, personal effectiveness, personal productivity and establishing team trust.


Who Should Attend

First time Supervisors and Managers

Seasoned Supervisors and Managers


Employees looking to advance their careers

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